Shotblasting machine

Product description of shotblasting machine

Shotblasting machine is a technology for removing rust, scale, and other impurities from metal surface which improves finish increases paint life.

Shot blasting is used in almost every industry that uses metal, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and many others.

Mechanical cleaning includes methods like scratch brushing and sandblasting. This by abrasive action not only removes the surface impurities but also eliminates scratches and surface irregularities. Cleaning is excellent; however, the coating must be done immediately because the cleaned surface is in a highly reactive state and corrosion occurs very soon.

Shotblasting Machine

Shotblasting Machine

Shotblasting Machine


Technical parameters

Model Unit OURS483 OURS485 OURS4810
Cleanup workpiece size mm Ф800 x1200 Ф1000 x1500 Ф1000 x2500
Number of stations / 2 2 6
Shot Number Taiwan kg 4 4 6
Shot volume kg/min 4 x250 4 x250 6 x250
Shot Power kw 4 x15 4 x15 6×15
Maximum load hook kg 300 500 1000
Productivity hook h 30~60 30~60 40~60
Cleaning room size mm 7680×2000 x2900 7680×2000 x2900 7680x2000x3800
Total ventilation m3/h 17000 19000 19000
Total power kw 73.15 73.15 114.72