Acecare painting line
Acecare Painting line

Leading Manufacturer & supplier of Painting lines and powder coating booth.

Acecare Technology is the leading manufacturer and supplier of numerous technology products globally. From carbon fiber cylinders to painting lines, car booths, and more. We have the best engineers and technicians with the experience and knowledge required for excellent painting lines, car booth, and powder coating lines. We offer 2 years of after-sale services with 2 years warranty. Aceacre is truly the best place to start your inquiry on painting lines.

What We Do
  • Conveyor system for powder coating
  • Powder coating oven
  • Car paint oven
  • Automotive e-coating
  • Metal Powder coating line
  • Multi cyclone powder coating line
  • Shotblasting machine
  • Powder coating booth cyclone
  • Cartridge recovery powder booth
  • Automatic painting line
  • Iron phosphate pretreatment system