React Context is a tool that’s built into the core React library and allows us to pass data across our app’s components without using props. It helps us solve the problem of prop-drilling which involves passing props (data) down to components that are deeply nested into one another. But besides CSS, many React developers use what’s known as a component library for easier styling.

react native developer skills

A coder with excellent people skills will not only write high-quality code for you, he will also inspire others to be better at their work. A React Native developer must have strong foundational knowledge of ES6 and React, so you should ask your candidate whether he knows these technologies very well. You can ask him a few technical questions to test how well he knows ES6 and React. In this module you will learn about the core components of React Native.

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By following along this blog post, you will learn how to build a social media type application with TypeScript, Expo and particularly the Expo Router package. We will be starting from a boilerplate provided by expo as a quick starting point before going on to introduce Expo Router’s file based routing. Then we will look into adding a nested tab navigator and finally see how this package automatically enables deeplinking to all routes. In order to find someone well suited for your project, you need to know what you’re looking for in the first place. If you or someone in charge of recruiting within your organization isn’t completely sure what that is, it might be a wise choice to tap into a pool of pre-vetted developers. This can save you precious time and money and get your project underway faster than the alternative.

react native developer skills

When assessing a React Native developer resume, it really comes down to the type of position a candidate is recruited for. Being involved in commercial projects is a must when talking about senior or lead-level positions, as business-related know-how is expected for these roles. One advantage of open source contributions is that they can give the recruiter additional insight about the code style or the way the candidate interacts with the community. To summarise, it is really important to understand the team’s needs and the responsibilities of the role before starting the screening process.

Pressable, Images and Hooks in React Native

If you need an experienced React Native development team to implement your project
contact us for assistance. There are three main ways to cooperate with a React Native specialist. You can hire a developer in-house, hire a freelancer, or contract with a React Native development company. Soft skills describe a candidate’s personality and are just as important as hard skills. Some HR managers believe that soft skills are even more important than hard skills for the success of a project. Ryan Hamblin has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation, Ryan followed the alternative dev ‘bootcamp’ model during the peak of its excitement.

react native developer skills

If you are simply creating a business application to promote your brand, the application category is not the best place to start. If you don’t want to spend your time searching for and interviewing candidates, you can work with a recruiting company to find a perfect match. An in-house developer is a great choice if you already have an in-house development team and an office with enough space. Remember that a junior developer needs to be managed, mentored, and coached by a more experienced React Native developer.

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React Native is obviously a great mobile app development framework. It’s good if you have chosen React Native for building mobile apps, but you also have to hire great developers in order to build exceptionally high-quality apps. Moreover, if you want to choose to react native technology for your app development, hiring react native developers by considering these skills of a react native developer will be beneficial. Additionally, Vuejs Development Company may be able to address issues in novel ways with this ability, which will be helpful in mobile app development as react native developers. React Native is pretty unique in terms of how people get into it and the backgrounds they come from. Some web developers familiar with JavaScript and possibly also with React itself may want to expand their skill set to include mobile development.

React builds upon them to help you create apps that run on the web. Let’s break down the seven key skills that you need to focus on to build impressive applications and become an in-demand React developer. While salary is greatly varied based on experience, location, skills, and requirements, in general, React Native developers are paid well and are in high demand.

When and how to hire an in-house developer

It reduces load time, offers platform consistency, and smooth UIs, making app development quicker. Since only one codebase is used for different platforms, a large amount of code can be reused. React Native Developer works with React Native framework to build UIs for different platforms. They are front-end developers who possess strong knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build UI components.

react native developer skills

By exposing JavaScript interfaces to platform APIs, React Native mobile applications can access the user’s location, phone’s camera, and other things on the device. Thus, React Native developers can create excellent mobile applications from web-based JavaScript. So if you’re one of the businesses looking for the best react native developers to create an app like YouTube or Instagram, then react native concepts you must get in touch with our team. You must ensure that the react native app development company you hired ought to be independent in their research and ready to propose solutions. Make sure that the react native app developers for hire are efficient with their time. Giving the React Native developer a short project with a tight deadline might be the best approach to test their skills.


The native event object that you get with normal DOM manipulation in React is actually wrapped up in what’s called the SyntheticEvent. Make sure you can attach different types of events to HTML elements such as `onclicks`, `onchange`, `mouseenter`, etc. Tell us the skills you need and we’ll find the best developer for you in days, not weeks.

  • Bloomberg, Airbnb, and UberEats are all great examples of apps built with React Native.
  • React Native is a framework designed and maintained by Facebook with the aim to simplify the process of developing cross-platform mobile applications, mostly relating to the user interface.
  • Read a list of great community-driven React Native interview questions.
  • An online coding test can give you a glimpse into how well a candidate can develop an application using React Native.
  • Turing has 2M + developers from over 150 countries around the world.

A development company is the best option if you’re planning a mid-sized or large project but don’t have your own team. The biggest advantage of a software development company is that they can take ownership of the whole project, so you won’t need to hire any other specialists. This is relevant for developers who have worked on commercial projects (middle and senior developers). You can check recommendations on a candidate’s LinkedIn page to find out what previous employers and coworkers think about them.

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You will easily find resources, hire react native developers, and leverage a huge ecosystem of React to build mobile apps. It is powered by Facebook and the community that has poured constant efforts and contributions to make React Native the best framework for developing mobile apps. React Native is a popular framework used for building cross-platform mobile applications. React Native Developers play a crucial role in creating mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android platforms. This article provides a detailed overview of the qualifications, technical skills, non-technical skills, roles, and responsibilities of a React Native Developer.

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