Powder coating oven

Product description of Powder coating oven

When you are powder coating, you will need an oven to cure the finish. Acecare powder coating ovens reach the curing temperature faster and at less cost to operate. Ovens can be direct-fired or indirect-fired by electricity, diesel, LPG, propane, etc.

Technical parameters

Powder Curing Oven Relevant Parameters

NO. Project Specifications
1 Model Hot Air Circulating 2-pass bridge-type oven
2 in-and-out Type Full-bridge Type
3 Heat Source Natural Gas
4 Temperature in Oven 180-220℃
5 Heating Time RT 15, 45min to approach setting temperature
6 Drying Time 20min
7 Effective Heating Length in Oven 26m
8 Times of Air Circulation 34 times
9 Temperature Difference at Effective Section <5℃
10 Power 380V*50Hz

Powder Coating Oven Structure

No. Project Specification

Oven body

Type Assembled type
Size L21000W43005300H4300mm
Size of the door opening W1500H2300mm
Thickness of wall 150mm
The material of thermal insulation Rock wool(120 Kg/m3)
inner plate =1.2mm galvanized steel sheet
shell plating =0.8mm color-coated steel
Trestle 100*100*5# square tube H=3700mm


air circulation system

Type Indirect heating, hot air circulate
Blast pipe =1.2mm galvanized steel sheet
Return air pipe =1.2mm galvanized steel sheet
Heater made of 2.5mm high temperature

resisting DN65 stainless steel pipe

Centralized heating Oven 1 set
high-temp. Circulation fan ModelGCF-900C
3 Temp. control system type Automatic PID control