Car Paint booth

Product description of Car Paint booth

Car Paint Booth

Car Paint Booth

Technical parameters

External Size:(mm) 7000x5450x4000 Front Door:(mm)

Aluminum Frame

Internal Size:(mm) 6900x3900x2800 Total Power:(kW) 21
Cabin System Wallboard Fire-retardant composite molding

Sandwich style EPS (epispastics

polystyrene) (Rock wool and PU

are optional) 50mm thickness,

EPS foam Density is 14kg/m3;

The Colorful steel skin boards

have been HDG(hot-dip galvanizing),

service life can reach20 years

without rusting. It keeps high

insulation performance. Four colors

for your choice, including blue,

red, orange, and white. High quality

galvanized steel roof panel.

Basement Powder-coated galvanized steel sheet

and square steel pipe construction.

Full grids, antirust, and strong.

The bearing capacity of driving

grids up to 1000 kg per wheel;

Basement frame is the assembly formed

by antirust steel square tube, the

overall performance is good and strong.

Full ramp.

Door 3 pieces of aluminum front doors.

Size: 3000(w)*2750(h). 1 piece of

emergency door.

Air Circulation System Intake Fan 2x4kw intake fan. BELIMO 20N electric

damper. Siemens technology production,

the large air volume, and low noise. Airflow: 24,000m3/h.

Exhaust Fan 1×5.5kw exhaust fan. Multi-layer

fiberglass filter. Siemens technology

production, the large air volume, and low

noise. Airflow: 15,500m3/h.

Air Pipe Made of Galvanized steel sheet consisted

of 4 pieces of straight pipe750*750*1000,

and 1piece of the elbow.

Water-based system 60 units ceiling nozzles with 3 sets of

centrifugal fans and 2 sets of dryers

inside the booth for drying Water Based

Paint. Air Flow: 30,000m3/h. Air

Speed: 0.3-0.5m/s.

Filtering Multilayer filtering structure. The primary

the filter can capture granules larger than10μm.

Ceiling filter capture granules bigger than

5μm. The floor filter and filter under

exhaust fan can capture paint and dust

emission when painting. The air cleanliness

in the working environment can reach 98%.

Heating System Burner Original Italy Riello RG5S diesel burner,

260000Kcal/h. The heating time 4-5min(20-60°C)

Max. the temperature at 80°C. Fuel consumption

is 4-5kg/ vehicle.

Heat Exchanger Two layers. Made of stainless steel. The

The heat exchange rate can reach 85%.

Air make up cabinet The surface plate is powder-coated galvanized

plate, antirust, strong and beautiful; The

the frame is treated by hot-dip, antirust and

strong, more durable than ordinary surface

treatment, more beautiful, nodes with no damage

spot, rigidity.

Oil tank support Tank carefully made of high-quality steel, the

powder coated treatment, beautiful and durable.

Fume pipe Fume pipe made of galvanized pipe, the diameter of

190mm, 4 pieces of 1000mm long straight pipe,

two 90 ° elbows.

Lighting System Light tube The ceiling light has 24 pieces of 36w lamps. Sidelight has 16 pieces of 36kw lamps. 900 Lux. the

grade of lighting box’s dustproof and waterproof

reach IP54 grade.

Lightbox Welded galvanized plate, powder-coated treatment,

surface brightness, color uniformity.

Filtering System Primary filter Grade G2 plate type fiberglass filter; Dual filtering

structure. The primary filter can capture granules

larger than 10μm.

Ceiling filter EU5 grade high efficient filter; Ceiling filter

capture granules bigger than 5μm.The air cleanliness

in the working environment can reach 98%.

Floor filter Multilayer Glass Fiber. The air cleanliness in the

working environment can reaches 98%.

Ceiling filter support made of a tube steel frame, the thickness of 1.2mm, epoxy

powder coating, antirust and strong, rigid, beautiful and durable, can be repeated disassembly, not easy to damage, easy to replace filter cotton.

Pollution Control System Multi-layer fiberglass filter under exhaust fan to filter paint and dust emission.
Control system Control panel Standard control system
Function Painting, constant temperature painting, drying, lighting, painting time and

drying time setting; emergency stop switch, failure indication, over-temperature alarm indication