best cpa for startups

Even if the firm is starting up, its partners should provide references and previous work experience pertinent to the industry and experience. Even if this is the firm’s first time working with a particular industry, determine if the firm has worked with related sectors and can apply that experience to the needs of the business. Get the peace of mind to focus on running your business, thanks to our triple-checked financial statements. It is used as a proxy for cash flow while being focused on the income statement. For example, you will hear bankers, private equity investors, and those kind of folks use EBITDA as a proxy for cash flow. If you are going to be acquired by a publicly-traded company for hundreds of millions or billions, GAAP will be important.

best cpa for startups

We GET what founders are going through, know the metrics they need to support their growth and VCs and have the experience to help make sure your team has the financial data they need. We also are tax experts – which may seem odd, as startups lose money, so why do they worry about taxes? A fundamental rule in business is that you must spend money to make money. Accounting solutions with expense tracking features help businesses manage their expenditures and ensure that their spending aligns with the company’s goals.

What should bookkeeping services cost?

These include NCH, Zoho Books, Kashoo, ZipBooks, Sunrise, GnuCash, TrulySmall Invoices and Wave Accounting. Zoho Books is a good choice for small businesses that are already using Zoho products and services because it integrates well with other Zoho apps. It’s also a good fit for service-based businesses, such as consultants, landscapers and plumbers. Its Elite plan is $120 per organization per month, and includes forecasting and multi-currency handling. For $240 per organization per month, its Ultimate plan includes advanced analytics and 25 custom modules. Asnani CPA partners with their clients and works to understand not only their accounting but their business from the top down so they can provide the best insight and guidance possible.

best cpa for startups

The cost is dependent on the number of transactions and complexity of your bookkeeping. Unlike many of our competitors, our accounting team will customize your package to meet your bookkeeping and tax compliance needs. Accounting platforms offer a similar slate of features, from connecting merchant bank accounts to efficiently setting up recurring invoices.


While larger companies often keep accountants on staff, small businesses typically contract with an accounting firm or independent accountant who offers the services they need. Find a startup CPA who has extensive experience working with businesses in your vertical. If they don’t understand the reporting, financial modeling, and tax requirements for your industry, this can lead to miscalculations and missed opportunities. Many startups outsource their financial reporting and management functions, both to save money and to get professional accounting and finance services that would be difficult to locate and hire. As the company grows, management eventually hires the appropriate personnel and brings these financial functions in-house.

QuickBooks Online comes equipped with robust reporting capabilities even at its least expensive subscription. The following are the best accounting options we identified for a variety of startups. Recent months have been difficult and often even devastating to businesses of all sizes. Even as fiscal difficulties continue for some organizations, other hearty souls have decided that now is the best time to pursue their business dreams. Finally, QuickBooks Desktop is an OK option for companies with a lot of inventory, but the world is moving away from desktop software so it’s hard to recommend. We do this at Kruze for our clients, and if you are using the software to do DIY your accounting, you should to.

Best accounting apps in 2023

You can also save money by signing up for an annual subscription. NetSuite’s accounting software is a good choice for businesses that need help with financial compliance and those that want to automate as many accounting tasks as possible. This plan doesn’t limit the number of invoices and quotes you can send, nor the number of bills you can enter. Its $70 best cpa for startups per month Established plan comes with everything in the Growing plan, but also lets you track projects, use multiple currencies, claim expenses and view in-depth data analytics. Mistakes happen across all sizes of businesses, but there is nothing worse than trying to convince a VC to invest in your company and then providing books that aren’t accurate.

best cpa for startups

That means they’ve passed the test and are licensed by your state. In addition to taking the test, CPAs fulfill continuing education requirements to keep their licenses active and stay up to date on all federal, state and local tax laws. If they’re going to prepare your taxes, make sure they have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN).

How Do You Choose an Accounting Firm?

After working with a lot of startups, especially tech startups, we’ve developed a sense for what they need most when working alongside us and other accounting partners. We flip that on its head and help you proactively plan ahead to ensure you’re taking full advantage of any and all applicable tax credits and write-offs. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to do your deductions. The right CPA prepares you for the right deductions for your startup. Any expenses such as phone, office supplies, advertising and accounting fees. Your CPA can help you get deductions that might not seem that straightforward to qualify for.

They can calculate losses and economic damages for an insurance claim or breach of contract lawsuit, value a business as part of a dispute between business partners, and even search for hidden assets in a divorce case. These number gurus are considered one of the most essential professionals to small business owners. If you have a complicated accounting situation, you probably don’t want someone who just graduated from accounting school.

We seek to establish processes and systems that are clean, intuitive, nimble, and scalable. We’ve put together this calculator to help you estimate the cost of preparing your startup’s return. We build financial models that have been used to close venture rounds with top investors. Our experts can help you find the right solution for your budget and business needs. Kruze knows R&D, SAFE Notes, SaaS, and venture debt and they gave us valuable advice.

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