For those searching for a romantic experience with their very own SO , Seoul has a couple of things to deliver. Whether it be a perfume workshop or maybe a trip to Nami Island (where the most popular K-drama Winter Sonata was filmed) these experiences make for a and meaningful date.

One thing that may surprise Westerners is definitely how quickly Korean couples leap into relationships. It is not abnormal for a couple to announce themselves boyfriend and ex-girlfriend after only some dates. Recharging options very common designed for couples correspond – coming from matching tops and shoes or boots to possibly having a set of matching rings which might be exchanged when they hit main milestones in their romantic relationship.

Similarly, it is not odd for couples to show a whole lot of PDA. From hand-holding in public to showing a bowl of Bingsu with each other at a coffee shop, it is not rare to see lovers showing off their particular cute part. When it comes to messaging, it’s certainly not unusual for the man or woman to send their crush cute emojis and GIFs on KakaoTalk – no doubt aiming to prove simply how much they maintenance.

One more thing that is particular to Korea may be the number of huge couples’ holidays they have. From White colored Day to Pepero Day time, there is always anything special with respect to couples to perform in the country. When you’re dating a Korean, be prepared to be approached throughout the day – out of good morning texts to making your grind know that they’ve made it house safe.

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